Antoine Alvear is a renowned Chilean pianist, composer and producer, currently based in New York City. He specializes in Jazz and Latin Music and also performs R&B, Hip Hop, Pop and World Music.

Primarily self-taught, Antoine studied classical piano under piano master Elisa Alsina from the National Conservatory of Music, University of Chile. 

Hailing from a family of acclaimed musicians, he was drawn to Jazz and Latin Jazz from an early age as he grew up listening to legends, including Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Bud Powell, Tito Puente, Machito, Cortijo and Sonora Matancera. 


He is the founder, musical director and composer for the first Chilean Latin Jazz Big-Band with completely original music "La Songo Band" which turned out to be an inspiration for other great Chilean musicians and bands. 

Antoine is also a director and composer for the "Metropolitan Salsa Orchestra", whose first album, "Primer Asalto", was nominated as one of the best salsa albums of the year by Herencia Latina.  


Throughout his career, he has participated in numerous musical festivals, including the Afro-Latin Festival in Bree, Belgium in 2017 as the main pianist for Edwin Perez.  

In addition, he is a contributor to "Real Book Chileno", a compilation of more than 200 scores of Jazz and Fusion in Chile. 

In New York City Antoine can be regularly seen playing alongside the likes of Pete Nater, the Steve Oquendo Latin Jazz Orchestra, Zon del Barrio and Nicky Marrero (Fania All Stars) and the Antoine Alvear Trio and Quintet. 


Antoine has performed alongside world-renowned musicians such as:

- Angel Parra - Horacio "El Negro"  Hernandez - Vince Cherico  - Carlo de Rosa - Jhon Benitez  - Ray Vega - Ivan Renta - Samuel Torres - Ralph Irizarry - Marc Quiñónez - Wilson Chembo Corniel - Bobby Allende - Ray de La Paz - Pablo Alborán  - Richie Flores  - Gilberto Colon - Jhonny “Dandy” Rodriguez - Alfredo de la Fe - Jimmy Bosh - Luis Fonsi

Members of the legendary Fania All Stars such as:

- Larry Harlow - Ismael Miranda - Eddie Montalvo - Nicky Marrero - Eddie Palmieri - Reinaldo Jorge