He dominates a variety of musical genres with an elegant and wild style in both Jazz & Latin music.”


Antoine Alvear is a renowned Chilean pianist, composer director and producer, based in New York City. He specializes in Jazz and Latin Music.

Primarily self-taught, Antoine studied classical piano since he was 6 years-old under piano master Elisa Alsina from the National Conservatory of Music, University of Chile.  

He later studied Jazz Piano under Gonzalo Palma at the Escuela Moderna de Musica y Danza in Santiago, Chile. Antoine has a Bachelor's degree in Music from the Universidad de las Americas in Chile.

Hailing from a family of acclaimed musicians, he was drawn to Jazz and Latin Jazz from an early age as he grew up listening to legends, including Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Bud Powell, Tito Puente, Machito, Cortijo and Sonora Matancera. 

metropolitan salsa orchestra music latin jazz

Antoine is the director and composer for the "Metropolitan Salsa Orchestra". 

It's first album, "Primer Asalto" was named the 3rd Best Latin Album of 2015 by Herencia Latina and the single "Abuelita dame la salsa dura" was the Number 1 song on the NewGenSalsa Top 70 Playlist of November 29, 2015;

Antoine's collaboration won Third Prize in the Performance category of the International Songwriting Competition in 2015 as a co-producer of the song "Wake Up".

Antoine is also the founder, musical director and composer for the first Chilean Latin Jazz Big-Band with completely original music "La Songo Band" which turned out to be an inspiration for other great Chilean musicians and bands.

Throughout his career, he has participated in numerous musical festivals, including the Afro-Latin Festival in Bree, Belgium in 2017.

In addition, he is a contributor to "Real Book Chileno", a compilation of more than 200 scores of Jazz and Fusion in Chile. 

In New York City Antoine can be regularly seen playing alongside the Steve Oquendo Latin Jazz Orchestra, Zon del Barrio and Nicky Marrero (Fania All Stars) and the Antoine Alvear Trio and Quintet.


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"He is a unique combination of a classically-trained pianist and one who has dedicated himself to the jazz music. As a fellow pianist, I can see the unique and extraordinary talent that Antoine possesses. Throughout my time in the industry, truly extraordinary musicians are few and far between. I would consider Antoine the best Latin Jazz and Salsa pianist of his generation."

Oscar Hernandez

Three-time Grammy winning Director of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra

"I came to know of the work of Antoine when I was playing in Chile [...] and he was the person who was recommended tome. I was amazed at his talent. It was definitely an honor and privilege to perform with someone of his skill level, which is a rarity.[...] The Latin Jazz and Salsa communities are very fortunate to count Antoine among the ranks of our musicians. I certainly consider him one of the best pianists in the industry."

- Ralph Irizarry

 Grammy Award winning percussionist

"As a Latin Jazz pianist and performer, we ["artists in the industry"] have been looking for the next great pianist, and that person has been found in Antoine. He  was invited to participate in the RealBookChileno, which is a compilation of 200 compositions tracking the history of jazz music in Chile. The request to have Antoine participate in such a project is directly indicative of his innovation, as well as his distinguished reputation as a pianist and composer."

- Gilberto"Pulpo"Colon,Jr.,-

pianist, composer & Musical Director for salsa superstar singer Héctor Lavoe

I am in awe of musical talent like Antoine's. He reminds me of other unparalleled pianists in the genre, like Gilberto Colon,Jr. and Charlie Palmieri. They are virtuosos and each brings their own unique style to the instrument. There is simply no one else like Antoine. He will bring the music we love to the next generation through his talent and innovativeness.

- Eddie Montalvo -

Grammy-nominated Latin Jazz and Salsa conga drummer 

I have been searching for several years for someone who could potentially pick up some of the work that comes byway and that I cannot complete simply because of the lack of highly talented pianists in the industry. I believe that Antoine would be an ideal candidate to pick up some of this work. [...] As a musician, Antoine's reputation precedes him. He has an excellent ear for the music and his skills behind the piano are almost unmatched in the industry.

-Larry Harlow

world-renowned pianist and Latin music producer

"In  addition to his quality as a musician from the beginning, he had qualities of a leader and innovator to create his own BigBand, in the time of being a student, Songo Band, with a cull and complex repertoire. He, as an influencer, not only interpreted the standards of jazz music and salsa, but also motivated all of a new generation to interpret and profoundly know these musical styles."

- Pablo Dintrans Holmes -

music producer, reporter and investigator in Chile


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